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Haylou GT1 Pro

TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Beast Performance
Minimalist Appearance
Master-slave switch
Ultra-low lag
Gaming surround sound
26h+ battery life
Haylou GT1 Pro Earbuds
Master-slave switch
Either can be a master mode
Gaming mode
Zero lag + Gaming Surround sound effect
High-end quality
26 hours of battery life
800mAh charging case
Battery level display
Battery status under control
Touch control
More convenient
3.9g lightweight
Portable & invisible
IPX5 waterproof
No worry about sweat and rain
Bluetooth 5.0
Fast, stable connection
Advanced Bluetooth 5.0
Stable & Fast Connectivity
Good Bluetooth earbuds must feature reliable connectivity with low lag. Thanks to the new customized Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, Haylou GT1 Pro speeds up transmission by two times. Sound delay in AAA (top class) games and HD videos has been reduced effectively. With better anti-interference capability, Haylou GT1 Pro can work well in a situation full of WiFi and 4G.
GT1 Pro Lag 65ms
Last gen. product 200ms
GT1 Pro Power consumption 80%
20% reduction from last gen. product
GT1 Pro Battery life 120%
20% rise from last gen. product
GT1 Pro Connection stability 200%
100% rise from last gen. product
Haylou GT1 Pro Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0
Either Can be Master
Pick up to use
No More Signal Dropouts
The upgraded chipset makes Master-Slave Switch available. Now you don’t need to worry about signal dropouts. Two earbuds are connected to the device directly. It's easy to switch between mono and stereo mode. Seamless switch and fast reconnection offer you with cool user experience.
Either can be master
Left earbud connecting directly
Seamless switch
Right earbud connecting directly
Haylou GT1 Pro Pick up to use
Haylou GT1 Pro Master-slave switch
Haylou GT1 Pro Zero Lag & Gaming Surround Sound
Zero Lag & Gaming Surround Sound
Fast Response
Act Before Your Enemy
Get yourself faster than your rivals to win the battle. The improved gaming mode represents unstoppable performance. Haylou GT1 Pro is unlocking a brand-new immersive gaming space for you. Zero lag & 3D surround sound offer you with a dynamic, immersive experience in PUBG. The headsets reveal every sound detail of shots and steps. Act before your enemies and win the final combat.
As low as 65ms
GT 1 Pro
An updated chip
Delay exceeding 200 ms
The previous generation of chips
With AAC
GT1 Pro Delivering Solid Sound Quality
The dynamic driver is 7.2mm only. With AAC and high-polymer resin diaphragm, the built-in driver offers punchy bass, soft but clear mids, and highs. Thanks to HiFi stereo, now your calling would be like a face-to-face talk.
High polymer resin diaphragm
HiFi stereo
Haylou GT1 Pro AAC and high-polymer resin diaphragm
Haylou GT1 Pro 4 hours of playing time
26H battery life
Secures music with you for a long journey
One top-up means 4 hours of playing. The exquisite carry case offers you with 5.5 extra top-ups, which extends the battery life to 26 hours. Following dramas, listening to music, or playing games, your hobbies will not be suspended again.
Up to 4 hours of playing time
Extra 5,5 top-ups by carrying case
Approx. 26 hours of battery life
Battery Level Display
Power Display
Battery with large capacity has been built in a carry case. Battery display makes you worry about low battery no more.
4 LEDs glowing
full battery
3 LEDs glowing
3/4 battery remaining
2 LEDs glowing
1/2 battery remaining
1 LEDs glowing
1/4 battery remaining
Haylou GT1 Pro Battery Level Display
Haylou GT1 Pro Auto Reconnection
Auto Reconnection
Pick up to Use
Pick up Earbuds, and they will auto power on and pair with each other. Pop them back to power off, and they will be charged as well. Everything is easy and prepared.
Pick up to connect
Pop back to charge
Sport Waterproof
With industrial-level IPX5 waterproof, you do not need to worry about sweat when doing exercise, even outdoor. Choose proper ear tips to gain stable wearing experience in various situations.
Haylou GT1 Pro IPX5 Sport Waterproof
Haylou GT1 Pro DSP and Dual Mic Noise Isolation
DSP and Dual Mic Noise Isolation
Delivering Clear Talking
Embedded Bluetooth chipset supports the DSP module to offset parts of noise. With the built-in NC system, Haylou GT1 Pro offers clear-talking while improving sound quality.
Pressure Free
Touch Control
We apply a high-accuracy touch panel to remain a sleek design for Haylou GT1 Pro. Slightly touch the panel to use various functions. Eliminates the pressing pain to the ear when operating the solid button.
Double touch
Answer/end call
Pause/resume playing
Double touch left earbud
Skip track backward
Triple touch
Activate voice assistant
Keep touching for 1s
Ignore incoming call
Game Mode On/Off
Touch your right ear three times
Music control
Voice assistant
Answer/end call
Haylou GT1 Pro Pressure Free Touch Control
Haylou GT1 Pro Voice Assistant
Voice Assistant
Upgrading Use Experience
Triple touch either earbud to wake up the voice assistant. Quick setting, open apps. The smart pal is always at your service.
Google Assistant
"Hi, Siri. Call mom!"
"Xiaoai, play me music."
"Xiaoai, volume up."
"Hi, Siri. Goto railway station."
Haylou GT1 Pro TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Haylou GT1 Pro Real Photo
Haylou GT1 Pro Photo
Haylou GT1 Pro TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Haylou GT1 Pro
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Operation range
10m (with no obstacle)
Standby time
Approx. 300hr
Bluetooth profiles
Bluetooth version
Charging time
Approx. 1.5hr
Music time
Approx. 26hr
Battery type
Battery capacity
43mAh (single earbud)
800mAh (case)
Music play / pause, incoming call notice, skip track forward / backwards, stereo calls, noise-cancelling, voice prompt
Package  Included
1 x Haylou GT1 Pro TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Manual
1. For first time use, please tap the device to connect on a cellphone. Earbuds will auto-reconnect to cellphone once powering on after then.
2. The weight of Haylou GT1 Pro is measured by Liesheng Electronic Lab, yet practical weight may be a little bit different.
3. How to measure battery life: top up Haylou GT 1 Pro then set the volume to 50%. Circularly play a song until earbuds power off and record the period length. Practical battery life may vary with volume and other use situations.
4. One film: 2 hours, one drama: 35min, one track: 4min.
5. Please activate quick setting before waking up voice assistan.
6. For more tech parameters of Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, please refer the official site of Bluetooth SIG, link: www.bluetooth.com
7. Liesheng Lab measures all the above data.