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Woman listening to music on HAYLOU S30 headphones Woman listening to music on HAYLOU S30 headphones


High Five in Your World
  • -43dB Deep Noise Cancellation
  • 40mm Large Dynamic Driver
  • Hi-Res Audio Certified
  • Bluetooth V5.4
  • 360° Spatial Sound Effect
  • 80-hour battery life

Top 10 Reasons to Choose HAYLOU S30

-43dB ANC *
Complete scenarios, various modes, and depths;
Al noise cancellation.
Visualization of ANC HAYLOU S30 operation
Detachable microphone. Wireless mode, Al call noise cancellation
* The Pro version comes with an e-sports mic.
Black HAYLOU S30 with cable and microphone
Certified Hi-Res Audio *
Hi-Fi lossless sound quality.
Hi-Res Audio Logo
HAYLOU S30's dynamic driver
40mm dynamic driver
Woman listening to music on black HAYLOU S30 headphones
Quick conversation
Talk freely at any time. Music never stops.
Fast charging 80-hour battery life *
The 10-minute charge provides 5-hour playtime.
HAYLOU S30 with digits on the background
Bluetooth 5.4
Fast and stable connection.
Bluetooth 5.4 chip
Immersive audio experience
360° spatial sound effect.
White HAYLOU S30 view from above
Smart APP
Noise cancellation depth adjustment
Adjust the depth of noise cancellation and customize sound effects.
Black Haylou S30 next to smartphone
Skin-friendly protein leather earmuffs
Foldable, comfortable and pressure-free.
Folded white Hayllou S30
* ANC function needs to be used with APP. The above data and algorithm come from HAYLOU Lab.
-43dB ANC *

Al Noise Cancellation

A Brilliantly Quiet World
With hybrid ANC technology, the feed-forward and feedback microphones work together to effectively separate background noise of up to 43dB, allowing you to immerse in beautiful music.
Visualization with words of ANC HAYLOU S30 operationHaylou S30 5 MICs
Bluetooth 5.4

A Smooth Gaming Experience

Bluetooth 5.4 protocol ensures a fast and stable connection with strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption. Stay ahead of the game with a low latency of 0.06s *.
Bluetooth logo
0.06s of low latency
HFCT logo
HAYLOU fast connection
Haylou S30 with painted chip image
Woman is wearing Haylou S30
Quick Conversation

No Need to Take off Headphones

Touch the sensing area to weaken music and filter in the ambient sound. Communicate easily while wearing Haylou S30 headphones. Music will automatically resume after ending a conversation.
Haylou S30 quick conversation
No need to take off headphones.
Ordinary headphones
Unable to capture the ambient sound.
Certified Hi-Res Audio

Studio-level Sound Quality

Haylou S30 adopts cutting-edge audio technology and has obtained Hi-Res Audio certification. It allows you to enjoy studio-level sound quality with a 24bit/96KHz audio sampling rate.
Hi-Res Audio Logo
Certified Hi-Res Audio
White Haylou S30 on a beige background
Detachable microphone
Black Haylou S30 with attached microphone and cable
Wired & Wireless Modes
Al Call Noise Cancellation

Detachable Microphone *

With an e-sports detachable mic and a 3.5mm AUX audio cable *, the Haylou S30 can accurately pick up sound and clearly restore even weak sound. And Al noise cancellation ensures clear calls in wired and wireless modes.
Before noise cancellation
After noise cancellation
Haylou S30's Noise cancellation graph
Environmental noise
Haylou S30 MIC's Hypercardioid Diagram
Hypercardioid Diagram
Hypercardioid provides the best sound effect for sounds coming from the front of the microphone, while sounds from other directions are weakened.
Haylou S30 40mm dynamic driver
40mm Large Dynamic Driver

Detail-rich Sound

Enjoy Hi-Res Audio via 40mm dynamic drivers that ensure a balanced performance with smooth highs, rich mids, and solid lows.
Fast Charging & 80-hour Battery Life *

10-minute Charge Provides 5-hour Playtime

Say goodbye to power anxiety with the 600mAh large-capacity battery. Quickly get charged within a short rest.
Type-C Logo
About 80 hours
with ANC off
About 50 hours
with ANC on
Black HAYLOU S30 with digits on the background
Woman wears white HAYLOU S30 headphones
Immersive Audio Experience

360° Spatial Sound Effect

Tap the right earmuff twice to enter bass mode *. And enjoy the detail-rich sound with the unique low-frequency enhancement algorithm.
* Bass mode can only be enabled with ANC ON.
360° Spatial Sound Effect Logo
When listening to music
Tap to enjoy powerful bass.
When watching a movie
Tap to create the atmosphere of a cinema.
Three Noise Cancellation Modes

Tailored Solutions for Multiple Scenarios

Select the corresponding noise cancellation mode through the Haylou Sound APP to reduce noise in classrooms, dormitories, shopping malls, subways, or other noisy places.
Outdoor mode
Deep noise cancellation
Playing, waiting, shopping, etc.
Smiling woman wears Haylou S30
Comfortable mode
Balanced noise cancellation
Bus, subway, airplane, etc.
Man wears Haylou S30 in the train
Ambient mode
Light noise cancellation
Offices, learning, libraries, etc.
Man wears Haylou S30 in the library
White Haylou S30 without cable on a beige background
Skin-friendly Protein Leather Earmuffs

Foldable, Comfortable and Pressure-free

The super-soft earmuffs effectively reduce the pressure brought by the glass frames and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
Premium protein leather earmuffs
Soft and skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable.
Haylou S30's earmuffs
Folds easily for storage
Effectively save storage space.
Folded black Haylou S30
Wear both glasses and headphones
Comfortable for long-term wearing.
Woman with glasses uses Haylou S30
Customized App

Create Your Own Music World

The app allows users to customize a variety of personalized functions, including noise cancellation depth, EQ selection, device name, and game mode.
Woman uses Haylou S30 App
Haylou Sound icon
Haylou Sound
Noise cancellation settings
Battery level display
Sound settings
Game mode settings
Device name changing
More settings
Dual-device Connection *

Freely Switch Between Study and Life

The Haylou S30 headphones can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, enabling a portable and intelligent interaction experience.
Haylou Smart-Connect Logo
Haylou Smart-Connect
Haylou S30 next to laptop
Haylou S30's buttons

Easy Operation

ANC button
Volume button
AUX audio cable interface
Charging interface
Detachable microphone jack
* Only Haylou S30 Pro version comes with a detachable microphone.
Button function
Answer/hang up a call
Click the MFB
Reject a call
Hold the MFB for 1s
Play/Pause Music
Click the MFB
Skip track forward
Double-click the MFB
Skip track backward
Triple-click the MFB
Volume +
Click the volume button
Volume –
Hold the volume button for 1s
ANC on / ANC off
Click the ANC button
Passthrough switching
Click the ANC button
Touch control function
Quick conversation mode
Hold to turn on, release to turn off
Gaming mode
Triple click
Bass mode
Double-click to turn on / off*
Bass mode can only be enabled with ANC on
Black and white Haylou S30 headphones

Headphones Buying Guide

Haylou S35 headphones
Haylou Model
Hi-Res Audio Logo
Hi-Res Audio Logo
-43dB deep noise cancellation
-42dB deep noise cancellation
40mm Large Dynamic Driver
Driver Diameter
40mm Large Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth version
80-hour Battery
50 hours in ANC mode
Battery life up to
60-hour Battery
40 hours in ANC mode
Handsfree calls
360° Spatial Sound Effect

Product List

Haylou S30 Basic Version
Headphones + Cable
Haylou S30 Basic Version
Haylou S30 Standard Version
Headphones + Audio Cable + Microphone
Haylou S30 Standard Version
Haylou S30 Pro Version
Headphones + Audio Cable + Microphone + Carrying Case
Haylou S30 Pro Version


Black Haylou S30
White Haylou S30


Product name
Over-ear active noise cancellation headphones
Product color
Off-white / Dark blue
Communication range
10 meters (open environment without obstacles)
Battery capacity
80 hours (ANC off), 50 hours (ANC on)
Charging time
Approx. 2.5 hours
Charging interface
Standby time
Approx. 20 days (ANC off)
Input parameters
5V 1A
Battery type
Li-Ion polymer battery
Wireless connection
Bluetooth 5.4
Bluetooth protocols
Audio codecs
Compatible system
iOS / Android
* The above parameters are measured manually, and the 3-5mm difference is normal.
* All data on the above pages come from HAYLOU Lab under specific conditions and are for reference only. Actual use may vary according to user habits and environment.
Haylou S30 Size


* The headphones will have color differences in light and angle. Please refer to the actual product.
* The structure images on this page are function schematic diagrams, not the exact structure of the product. Please refer to the actual product.
* Product parameters are for reference only. Some product parameters may vary due to external factors such as environment and differences in device systems. Please refer to the actual product for details.
* The 43dB noise cancellation depth is the maximum depth achieved under the combination of active and passive noise cancellation. The actual noise cancellation effect varies depending on the specific scene. ANC supports a maximum of 43dB noise cancellation and a reduction of up to 99% of background noise. ANC mainly weakens low-frequency environmental noise (such as the sound of car driving, machine running, and wind noise) and appropriately retains human voices (high-frequency dB).
* Hi-Res Audio, an abbreviation for High-Resolution Audio, is a high-quality audio product design standard developed by JAS (Japan Audio Society) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association).
* Double-click the ANC button to enable adaptive ear canal mode. ANC is synchronized with audio compensation.
* Battery life data is derived from internal tests carried out by HAYLOU Lab. Playtime lasts 50 hours with ANC off and the headphones' volume adjusted to 50%. Actual battery life may vary depending on volume, audio source, environmental interference, product features, and usage habits.
* Due to HarmonyOS compatibility issues, devices with this system do not support dual-device connection.
* Gaming low latency data is derived from internal tests carried out by HAYLOU Lab. This function needs to be used with the Haylou Sound APP. The low latency effect may vary depending on the device and network environment. Please refer to the actual use.
* HAYLOU Fast Connection Technology: This technology allows for lossless transmission and instant connection of audio data and ensures the accurate restoration of audio signals.
* HAYLOU Smart-Connect Technology: The headphones can connect to two devices simultaneously and automatically switch between them. There is no need for manual switching.

Certified Hi-Res Audio

Haylou S30 next to Hi-Res Audio Cert