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Haylou GT2

Keep moving forward
Automatic Pairing Earbuds
Portable Carry Case
Multy-functional Button
Stereo Talking
Haylou GT2 TWS Earbuds
Built-in cable
Portable a convenient
Up to 15hr
No break in your journey
3.7g only
Invisible wearing
Bluetooth 5.0
Low power consumption & lag
Easy-to-use control
Pick up to power on
Voice assistant
At your service

Built-in Cable

Portable to Go
Haylou GT2 has an inventive design for cable. We take the idea of unibody and modify the carry case into a charging kit. Less cable is more convenient for your life. Just pull out the cable, whenever and wherever you need to power up.
Haylou GT2 Earbuds Built-in cable
Haylou GT2 Earbuds 15 Hours of Battery Life

15 Hours of Battery Life

No Break in Your Journey
We have applied power-saving technology and modified components as part of efforts to offer an ultra-long battery life. One top-up means 4 hours of playback. 380mAh charging case provides an extra 11 hours of battery life. That's how we keep music never-ceasing along your journey!
One top-up
Total battery life
Charging case capacity

3.7g Earbud

Small Enough To Deliver Stealth Wearing
Thanks to the efforts of engineers, Haylou finally builds an amazingly compact body for GT2 seeking to deliver stealth wearing experience. We select ABS materials and innovative technology as a way to reduce Haylou GT2 weight to 3.7g. Tilt in-ear design also secures comfortable long-listen comfort
Haylou GT2 3.7g Earbud Small and light

Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset

Strong Performance like a Beast
Compared with Bluetooth 4.2 chipset, the up-to-date chipset has quadrupled operation range and enlarged data capacity by 8 times. With the new Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, Haylou GT2 can work well in the circumstances full of WiFi and 4G signals.
Haylou GT2 Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset
Haylou GT2 Earbuds Pick up to Use

Pick up to Use

Easy to Go
Simply pick up earbuds from the carry case, and they will auto pair and connect to the cell phone. Everything is easy and neat.
Haylou GT2 Pick up to Use
Pick up to pair

Clear Talking

Excellent Sound Quality
Coupled with built-in advanced coding, the new noise cancellation technology can largely reduce sound loss to reveal the authentic sound. Call as if she is beside you.
Thanks to 7.2mm dynamic driver, Haylou GT2 is able to provide you with balanced sound among bass, mids, and highs.
Haylou GT2 7.2mm dynamic driver
Haylou GT2 Unified Body dust and waterproof

Unified Body

Pure & Prestigious
Haylou GT2 inherits minimalist design from Haylou's design philosophy. The new model only keeps the necessary functions. The unified body is more sealed so as to improve the capabilities of dust and waterproof. With a glossy finish, its dark black housing is prominent in the rest of the world.


Button Control
A multi-functional button has been applied to both earbuds. One button can help you use various functions. Comfortable just like this.
Skip track backward
Answer/end call
Skip track forward
Haylou GT2 Multi-functional button
Hi, Siri. Play me Alan Walker's.
Take me to Heathrow Airport.
Hi, Siri. How is the weather today?
Hi, Siri. Wake me up at 6 o'clock.
Xiao Ai, find me my phone.
Haylou GT2 Earbuds Voice Assistant

Your Personal Voice Assistant

Knowing about You the Best
The new voice assistant can identify your every word precisely. Triple-click MFB to wake up her.
Xiao Ai
Google Voice Assistant

How to use

Pull out charging cable
Haylou GT2 Build-in charging cable
Pick them up to pair each other
Haylou GT2 Pick up to power on
Auto-connect with phone
Haylou GT2 Auto-connect
Pull them back to charge
Haylou GT2 Charging case 380mAh


Haylou GT2 TWS Earbuds multi-functional button
Haylou GT2 Photo
Haylou GT2 Charging case capacity 380mAh
Haylou GT2 Charging case capacity 380mAh
Haylou GT2 Charging case Built-in Cable


Haylou GT2
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
27.2 x 16.7 x 22 mm
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth Chip
Realtek 8763BRC
Operation range
15m (open space with no obstacle)
Frequency Response
Charging time (earbuds)
Approx. 2hr
Standby time
Music time (stereo mode)
Approx. 4hr
Total battery life (with case)
Approx. 15hr
Battery type
Battery capacity (single earbud)
Battery capacity (charging box)
Bluetooth profiles
Key functions
Music play/pause, skip track, incoming call notice, stereo talking, noise cancellation, voice prompt
Charging notice
Please charge the product by connector under 5V 2.1 A.
Please do not use any quick charger.
Package  Included
1 x Haylou GT2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box Built-in Cable
2 x Pairs of eartips
1 x Manual