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Haylou Lady Bag

Small Bag True Wireless Earbuds
Including Sounds
Satisfied Around
Haylou Lady BagHaylou Lady Bag

A true fashion statement

Haylou Lady Bag different colors
Multiple color options
Haylou Lady Bag design
Innovative design
Haylou Lady Bag in ear
-35dB ANC
Haylou Lady Bag Three MICs
Stunning sound and HD calls
Haylou Lady Bag in fingers
Pinch control and in-ear detection
Haylou Lady Bag inside the bag
Ultra-long battery life
Haylou Lady Bag with water drops
IP54 dustproof and waterproof

Small Bag Design

Unique and Versatile
You can always find the perfect style that speaks for you. The case cover is replaceable to match your outfit, mood, and different occasions.
Girl with a blue Haylou Lady Bag
Haylou Lady Bag three colors

Replaceable Case Cover

Match Your Outfit
The small bag design incorporates urban fashion elements, making it unique and outstanding. Customize your style with light luxury leather, elegant knitting, or textured velvet.
*The charging case comes with a case cover (already installed); accessories such as chains, leather string, and other case cover with different colors need to be purchased separately.
Blue Haylou Lady Bag on a green backgroundPurple Haylou Lady Bag on a green background

Colorful Macarons

Trendy "Customization"
Haylou Lady Bag comes in different colors to match the sound you love. And with custom materials, the earbuds can easily stand out in the crowd.
*You can purchase accessories to replace the cover yourself, and some accessory kits will be available around January 2023.
Haylou Lady Bag 7 bags of different colors
Girl wears an earphone Haylou Lady Bag

Comfortable Wearing

Like Floating on Air
The compact and lightweight body perfectly conforms to the ear canals and makes it almost unperceivable in your ears for greater comfort.

-35dB ANC

Keep Noise at Bay
With in-depth ANC technology, Haylou Lady Bag can eliminate all distractions, from noisy subway cars to windy conditions.
35dB ANC depth
Noise cancellation / transparent / standard, three modes available
Girl listening to music with Haylou Lady Bag
Haylou Lady Bag Three MICs
Feed-forward mic
Talk mic
Feedback mic

HD Calls

Clearer Conversations
During a call, the mics focus on the sound of your voice while filtering out most of the sounds and wind around you.
HD mics to pick up voice
AI noise cancellation algorithm

LIVE Sound Quality

Audio Tailored for You
A high-quality dynamic driver with unique tuning and pro vocal optimization helps Haylou Lady Bag achieve extraordinary sound quality.
Haylou Lady Bag dynamic unit
Earphone Haylou Lady Bag on the smartphone

Fast Connection

In-ear Detection
Open the cover to connect instantly without waiting. Take the earbuds off to automatically pause the music, and put them on to resume playback.

Precise Pinch Control

Avoid Accidental Touch
To avoid accidental touch, we change the operation from tapping to pinching, which makes the operation more convenient.
Answer/Hang up the call
Reject the call
Skip track backward/forward
Switch gaming mode
Switch noise cancellation mode
Haylou Lady Bag in fingers
Haylou Lady Bag in the water

IP54 Water and dustproof

Sweat or Rain
Haylou Lady Bag can effectively prevent rain and sweat with rigorous and multiple processes. You can listen to music outdoors or when exercising without worry.

20-hour Battery Life

Stay with Your Music
Playtime lasts 5 hours on a full charge, and the total battery life can reach 20 hours with the charging case.
Short videos
* About 20 seconds per short video, 4 minutes per song, and 2 hours per movie. The battery life data comes from Haylou Lab. Actual usage is affected by volume, device, usage environment, etc.
Haylou Lady Bag in the bag

What's in the Box

Haylou Lady Bag Ear tips
Ear tips*4 (XS/S/M/L)
*M-size ear tips have been installed on the earbuds
Haylou Lady Bag What in the box
Charging case *1 / Earbud *2 / Charging cable *1 / User manual *1


Product name
Haylou Lady Bag
Single earbud weight
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.2
Operation range
About 10 meters (without any obstacles)
Earbud charging time
About 1.5 hours
Earbud battery life
5 hours of playback
Battery type
Lithium polymer
Single earbud battery capacity
Charging case battery capacity
Audio protocol
Supported protocol