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  • Premium Hi-Fi sound
  • -45dB ANC
  • 35-hour battery life
Haylou W1 ANC True Wireless EarbudsHaylou W1 ANC True Wireless Earphones


Haylou W1 ANC Balanced armature & dynamic drivers
Balanced armature driver & dynamic driver
Premium Hi-Fi sound
Haylou W1 ANC Tri-core CPU & Hi-Fi 5 independent DSP
Tri-core CPU & Hi-Fi 5 independent DSP
65% increase in overall performance
-45dB ANC
Choose from three sound modes
Haylou W1 ANC 6-mic AI call noise cancellation & anti-wind noise
6-mic AI call noise cancellation & anti-wind noise
Get every word clearly heard
Haylou W1 ANC Active Electronic Crossover technology
Active Electronic Crossover technology
Pursue every precision
Haylou Sound APP
Personalize your listening experience
Stylish and ergonomic design
Provide extra wearing comfort
Haylou W1 ANC in the ear
35-hour battery life
6.5-hour playtime on a full charge
Haylou W1 ANC Charging case
*ANC function needs to be used with APP. The above data and algorithms come from the Haylou Lab.

W1 Series Comparison

Comparison before and after the upgrade
Haylou W1 ANC icon
Haylou W1 ANC
Haylou W1 icon
Haylou W1
Sound quality
Maximum noise cancellation depth
Noise cancellation modes
Active Electronic Crossover technology
Total battery life (earbuds & charging case)
Bluetooth version
APP connection
Knowles balanced armature driver & 10mm dynamic driver
Hi-Fi sound quality
6-mic call noise cancellation
Balanced armature driver & 7mm dynamic driver
Normal sound quality
4-mic call noise cancellation
Professional Balanced Armature Driver & 10mm Dynamic Driver

Premium Hi-Fi Sound

Haylou W1 ANC combines professional balanced armature and 10mm dynamic drivers to deliver deep bass, punchy mids, and crystal-clear highs, providing an unparalleled Hi-Fi sound experience.
Low distortion
Quick transient
High resolution
Wide frequency
Haylou W1 ANC Balanced armature & dynamic drivers
10mm dynamic driver
Restore more sound details for mids and lows
Knowles balanced armature driver
Hi-Fi, high-resolution, and pure highs
Tri-core CPU & Hi-Fi 5 Independent DSP

Powerful Configuration

Equipped with a tri-core CPU and HiFi 5 independent DSP, the Haylou W1 ANC earbuds offer a powerful configuration that enhances sound detail restoration. You won't miss a beat!
Haylou W1 ANC Tri-core CPU & Hi-Fi 5 independent DSP
Algorithm improvement
Bluetooth stability improvement
Power consumption reduction
* The performance is compared with Haylou W1. Data comes from Haylou Lab. Actual use may vary slightly depending on specific scenarios.
-45dB Active Noise Cancellation

Dwell in Sound

To bring you the ultimate audio experience, Haylou W1 ANC can eliminate up to 45dB of surrounding noise. Choose from 3 different modes to tailor your listening preference.
* ANC function and more features must be used with the Haylou Sound App.
Haylou W1 ANC with value in background
Three Noise Cancellation Modes

Intelligent Reduction of Noise

A man on an airplane uses Haylou W1 ANC
Noise cancellation mode
Bus, subway, airplane
Enjoy a world with less background noise
A woman uses Haylou W1 ANC
Noise cancellation off
Library, cafe, office
Focus on what you do
Man and woman using Haylou W1 ANC
Transparent mode
Outdoor, chat, shopping
No need to take off your earbuds when chatting
Haylou W1 ANC Mics
Personalized Noise Cancellation Experience

Superb Call Quality

Enjoy clear and uninterrupted conversations thanks to our advanced AI algorithm and six microphones (three per earbud). Say goodbye to background noise and wind interference during calls.
* Data comes from Haylou Lab. Actual use may vary slightly depending on specific scenarios.
Dynamic Low-Frequency Algorithm & Electronic Crossover Technology

Precise Sound Control

With Haylou W1 ANC's innovative, dynamic low-frequency algorithm and Active Electronic Crossover technology, every note is finely tuned and crystal clear. It's all about precision!
* Haylou Lab develops the dynamic low-frequency algorithm. It will automatically turn on when the frequency reaches the low-frequency threshold.
Haylou W1 ANC with frequency response curve
35-Hour Battery Life

Stay Immersed Longer

Haylou W1 ANC provides up to 6.5 hours of continuous playback of your favorite music and 35 hours of total playtime combined with the charging case. Never worry about running out of battery again!
Haylou W1 ANC with charging case and charging cable
4.5H Single playtime
25H Total battery life
6.5H Single playtime
35H Total battery life
* With ANC on, you can still listen for 3.5 hours at 60% volume.

* Based on results from Haylou Lab tests, the actual battery life may vary depending on volume, audio source, environmental interference, product features, and usage habits.
Ultra-Low Latency for Gamers

Lip-Sync Performance

Packed with Bluetooth 5.3, the latency is reduced to as little as 65ms, so you can hear what you see as fast as the real thing.
HFCT logo
Haylou Fast Connection Technology
Bluetooth logo
Bluetooth 5.3 connection
Haylou W1 ANC next to smartphone
Haylou W1 ANC and smartphone with Sound App
Haylou Sound App

Tune Your Own Music

Get full control of your audio performance with our Haylou Sound App and customize versatile EQ and noise reduction modes according to your preferences.
Ergonomic Design & Piano-Key Stem

Unique and Trendy

Inspired by the piano key, the stem of the earbud is designed like an elegant piano key. An ergonomic design adds more wearing comfort and stability.
Haylou W1 ANC White and Blue
Haylou W1 ANC next to tablet and smartphone
Multi-Point Connection

Switch Between Various Devices

Haylou W1 ANC supports dual-channel technology. Use one earbud to connect to one device and the other to connect to the second.
* Please turn off the other earbud or put it back into the charging case when using only one earbud. The distance between the left and right earbuds must be at least 10m for a dual-device connection.
Fine Craftsmanship & IPX4-Rated Water Resistance

Perfect for Everyday Use

Both the earbuds and the charging case are stain-resistant with electroplated craftsmanship. They are your daily companion, whether you go to the gym or out for a walk.
*Test data comes from Haylou Lab. The earbuds can't be worn during rainstorms and showers but can protect against splash from any direction. The charging case isn't waterproof.
Athlete uses Haylou W1 ANC
All at Your Fingertips

Easy Touch Control

Your commands can always be responded to by high-precision touch control without taking out your phone.
Haylou W1 ANC Touch area
Double tap either MFB
Play/pause music
Triple tap the left MFB
Skip track backward
Triple tap the right MFB
Skip track forward
Double tap either MFB
Answer/hang up a call
Triple tap either MFB
Reject a call
Press the right MFB for 2s
Switch between ANC modes
Press and hold the right MFB
Turn on/off low latency mode

Color Options

Haylou W1 ANC Color options

Package List

Haylou W1 ANC earphones
Charging case x1
Charging cable x1
User manual x1
Haylou W1 ANC What's in the box

Product Parameters

Haylou W1 ANC size
* The above parameters are measured manually. A 3-5mm difference is normal.
Product name
Haylou W1 ANC
Wireless connection
Bluetooth 5.3
Frequency response
Driver model
Balanced armature driver RAN-62462-B148
Maximum noise cancellation depth
Charging port
Communication range
10 meters (open environment without obstacles)
Battery life
Approx. 35 hours (with charging case)
Earbud battery capacity
35mAh (single earbud)
Charging case battery capacity
Charging time of earbuds
Approx. 1.5 hours
Charging time of charging case
Approx. 2 hours
Product weight
Approx. 42.6 g
* All data on the above pages comes from Haylou Lab, and actual use may vary slightly depending on specific scenarios.


Haylou W1 ANC Blue
Haylou W1 ANC White