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Haylou GT5

TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Ultra-low Latency
Original Sound Quality
  • 65ms Game Low Latency
  • AAC Advanced Audio Coding
  • Left and Right Ear Dual Masters
  • Smart Wearing Detection
Haylou GT5 TWS Bluetooth EarbudsHaylou GT5 Bluetooth Earbuds

Exceptional Core Technology
for Strong Performance

Game ultra-low latency
Advanced Audio Coding
Dual master earbuds
Smart wearing detection
24hrs long battery life
New-Gen Bluetooth 5.0
Smart touch control
Wireless charging

65ms Game Low Latency
Always Act before Enemy

You can instantly recognize gunshot and footstep sound around under Haylou GT5 game mode. And the unique panoramic surround sound effect will give you an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience parallel to Hollywood blockbusters.
Haylou GT5 as
low as 65ms
Delay more
than 200ms
Haylou GT5 65ms Game Low Latency

AAC Advanced Audio Coding
Stereo Call with Crystal Clear Sound

Thanks to Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), Noise Canceling Technology, and 7.2mm Polymer Resin Diaphragm Speaker, Haylou GT5 can deliver punchy bass and soft, clear mid-highs. And the Hi-Fi stereo sound can offer a face-to-face calling experience!
AAC advanced audio coding
7.2mm polymer resin diaphragm
Hi-Fi stereo calling
Haylou GT5 AAC Advanced Audio Coding

Dual Master Earbuds
Seamless Switch and Convenient Use

Haylou GT5 supports dual-channel simultaneous transmission with left and right ear separation design. Put on one earbud to enter mono mode, and then the other to instantly restore stereo mode. Free your mind with a fast switch and stable connection.
Haylou GT5 Earbuds in box
Haylou GT5 Dual Master Earbuds Design Independent connection
Either earbud can be master. Pick up to use without disconnection.
Ordinary Earbuds on Market Can't connect when taking the wrong earbud
Need to distinguish master earbud. Must connect master earbud first.

Smart Wearing Detection
Take off to Pause and Put on to Play

The high-precision infrared light can accurately sense the wearing state of the earbud. Take it off to automatically pause and put it on to continue playing. No mobile phone operation is required. You won't miss any beautiful moments.
Take off the earbud to pause
Put on the earbud to resume playing
Haylou GT5 Earbuds photo
Haylou GT5 24Hrs Long Battery Life

24Hrs Long Battery Life
Freely Enjoy the Whole Day

When Haylou GT5 is fully charged, you can listen to songs for 4hrs. With the use of a 600mAh charging case, the total battery life is up to 24hrs. Do whatever you want, watching dramas, listening to music, or playing games.
Playback Time
4 hrs
Charging Case
580 mAh
Total Battery
24 hrs

New-Gen Bluetooth 5.0
Fast and Stable Connection Without Loss

With Bluetooth 5.0 chip, data transmission loss is reduced by nearly 50% compared with the previous generation, two times faster transmission rate, lower delay, and more smooth and stable connection for supreme sound quality.
Bluetooth 5.0
3.0 MB/S
Bluetooth 4.2
1.0-2.0 MB/S
Haylou GT5 Bluetooth 5.0

Precise Touch Control
Easy Access at Your Fingers

Haylou GT5 eliminates the pain of pressing the ears during physical button operation. It adopts a high-precision touch design. Slightly touch the panel to control the phone, music, and voice assistant, bringing you true convenient operation.
Answer/end call
Click 2 times
Reject call
Long press for 1s
Play/pause music
Click 1 time
Previous/next song
Click 2 times on L/R
Voice assistant
Click 3 times on L
Game mode (On/Off)
Click 3 times on R
Haylou GT5 Touch Control

Wireless Freedom
Just Put down to Charge

Haylou GT5 can charge through mobile phones and wireless charging devices with a Type-C charging interface and high-efficiency wireless charging technology. It can be charged anytime and anywhere. Enjoy your music all day!
Mobile phone reverse wireless charging
Wireless charger charging
Haylou GT5 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Photo in box

3.9g Super Light Weight
Pressure Free and Secure Fit

With an ergonomic design, 3.9g ultra-lightweight, and skin-friendly silicone ear caps, Haylou GT5 fits comfortably to the ears. So light that you can barely notice them. It is comfortable after hours of wearing.
Comfortable wearing
Pressure-free to ears
Skin-friendly material
Multi-size ear caps
3.9g lightweight
Easy to use and store
Haylou GT5 3.9g Super Light Weight

Pick up to Auto Connect
Put back to Auto Charge

Ultimately simplify the operation. Take earbuds out of the charging case, and they will automatically turn on and pair. Take them off and put them back in the charging case, and earbuds will automatically turn off and charge.

*When using them for the first time, you need to connect the phone manually, and subsequent use does not require manual operation.
Haylou GT5 Connect with phone

Remaining Battery Display
Say Goodbye to Low Battery Anxiety

There is a visualized remaining battery reminder on the front of the charging case to keep track of the remaining battery. Bid your farewell to low battery anxiety.
3 lights on
Full battery
2 lights on
2/3 power remain
1 lights on and flashes intermittently
1/3 battery remains
*Open the charging case, and the actual power will be displayed after the 3 lights flash 3 times.
Haylou GT5 Battery Display
Haylou GT5 Voice Assistant
Xiaoai, what is the weather today
Siri, call dad
Siri, navigate to the gas station
Xiaoai, play Jay Chou's songs

Voice Operation
Set Your Hands Free

You can wake up the voice assistant with three taps on the left earbud without taking out your phone. Quickly set up and start the application. Focus more on your work and exercise. It is safer when driving!
Google Assistant

Product Use

Haylou GT5 Scheme 1
Take out to automatically turn on
(auto connect)
Haylou GT5 Scheme 2
Automatically connect to the phone
Haylou GT5 Scheme 3
Put back to charging case to turn off and charge


Haylou GT5
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Bluetooth version
Communication range
10 meters (without any obstacle)
Earbud charging time
About 2 hours
Charging case charging time
About 3 hours
Playback time
About 4 hours
Battery life (with charging case)
About 24 hours
Battery type
Polymer lithium battery
Single earbud battery capacity
Charging case capacity
Support protocol
Main functions
Music play/pause, switch between previous and next track, incoming call notice, stereo talking, noise-canceling, voice prompt
Package  Included
1 x Haylou GT5 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box
1 x Manual