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Haylou Solar

Smart Watch
The Stylish Trend is My Style
  • Metal body
  • 12 sport modes
  • Sci-sleeping management
  • A whole-day heart-monitoring
  • 30 days standby
Haylou Solar Smart Watch
12 sport modes
Sci-sleeping management
A whole-day heart-monitoring
30 days standby
A Touchable Exquisite Design
A Blast for the Young
Haylou Solar respects the trend through the minimalist design. Streamline housing gives a unique sport style that makes you keep moving. Like its name, Haylou Solar features a metal body in an arc shining on your wrist.
Haylou Solar Smart Watch Minimalist Design
TFT, HD and High Light Display
The Time and Your Watch Face Will Never Fade
With more colours and details, the 1.28-inch screen delivers pictures that feel real and vivid. No matter in intense light or night, all details are showed clearly.
Haylou Solar Smart Watch TFT, HD and High Light Display
Creative Nano Band
Comfortable and Breathable for a Long Wear
Thanks to nano lightwave technology, the soft silicone watch strap allows your wrist breathing even it gets sweaty. With the multi-hole design, the band is lightweight for long-term wear and adjustable for different wrists.
Haylou Solar Creative Nano Band Comfortable and Breathable
Haylou Solar Smart Watch Metal Frame
A Cult Metal Frame
Lightweight, thin yet endurable.
A Unified Round Watch Face
The crystal-like shape that feels good as well.
Haylou Solar Smart Watch Round Watch Face
Haylou Solar Smart Watch Polishing Plating Body
A Polishing Plating Body
Standing wear and tear.
Fearless Use in Workouts
Up to 12 sport modes
Up to 12 sport modes are available which allow you to use Haylou Solar when and where you want - fearlessly. No worries for power, sweat or rain, just embrace the idea of sport life.
Haylou Solar Smart Watch 12 sport modes
12 Professional Sport Modes
Keep You Safe and Effective in Workouts
Get yourself an expert. Choose from 12 Sports Modes to fit your workout plan getting it more scientific than before. Do you want to check your workout status? Just raise your wrist.
Fast walking
Indoor running
Free training
30 Days of Standby
No Panic for Power
Quality Li-ion battery offers ultra-long battery life. One top-up means 30 days of standby or 15 full days of heart monitoring. Low battery warning gets your focus on the surprises filling in the outside world.

* All the above data are measured by Liesheng Electronic Lab and maybe a little bit different from practical use due to settings, operation and using environment.
24-hour heart monitoring on
15 full days of heart monitoring
30 days of standby
Haylou Solar Smart Watch 30 Days of Standby
Haylou Solar IP68 Daily Waterproof
IP68 Daily Waterproof
Thanks to IP68 waterproof, Haylou Solar is resistant to sweat or rain. Just wear it to do whatever you do in your daily life.

* For a longer lifespan, if the watch gets wet, please dry it before use again.
Another Outbreak in Monitoring Accuracy
Keeping Tracking Down Your Health Status
Sophisticated Sport Sensor
Serving as Pedometer and Rangefinder
Advanced sport sensor has been applied to track your workout. With improved location algorithm, Haylou Solar can record your steps, and distance and calorie consumption of activity.
Haylou Solar Smart Watch Sport Sensor
Haylou Solar Smart Watch Sci-sleeping Management
Sci-sleeping Management Based on Big Data
Helps You fall into Sleep
Sci-sleeping management is developed according to big data. Built-in sensor accesses your sleeping data through physical body frequency, and Haylou Fit will help to record such data and get you to know what's going during the night.

* All the above data or results are for reference only, please do not use it for diagnoses.
A Constant Heart Monitoring
Putting Your Health Under Control
With the mainstream smart algorithm, embedded optical sensor never miss any small heart rate change. A 24-hour heart monitoring keeps your heart beats under control as a way to prevent heart diseases and allows you to change your workout plan accordingly.

* All the above data or results are for reference only, please do not use it for diagnoses.
Haylou Solar Smart Watch Constant Heart Monitoring
Haylou Solar Recording Every Change
Haylou Fit
Constantly Recording Every Change of You
We never forget updating products to improve the use of experience. Haylou Fit can now record your heart rate, steps, and sleeping data more precisely. Every stride made in your health will be on your wrist. Every time you raise the wrist just smile at your Haylou Solar.

* Parts of functions of Haylou Solar require Haylou Fit APP.
A Whole Day Notice
Caring Your Life
With incoming call and message notices, you will never miss any important case. Stand-up and target-achieved notices help build your body. Sweet vibration notice never disturbs other people.
Haylou Solar Smart Watch Whole Day Notice
Haylou Solar Smart Watch
Unlock More Small Facilities
Haylou Solar Breathing Training
Breathing Training
Adjust breathing and relax.
Haylou Solar Find phone
Find phone
Get your lost phone back again.
Haylou Solar Timer and stopwatch
Timer and stopwatch
Everything needs to be accurate.
Haylou Solar Music Control
Music Control
Remote control of music without taking out the phone.
Haylou Solar Weather Forecast
Weather Forecast
Check the weather in the coming three days.
Haylou Solar Smart Watch
Haylou Solar Photo
Haylou Solar Photo
Haylou Solar
Haylou Smart Watch
Main body size
Body diameter 45.3mm
Body thickness 11.4mm
Watch strap
The total weight (with strap)
Approx. 54g
1.28 inch TFT screen
240 x 240
Bluetooth version
Ultra-low dynamic optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer
Battery capacity
Android 4.4 or above;  IOS 8.0 or above (Parts of the functions may be not available due to different watch version and phone in different countries)
Battery life
15 days (Heart monitoring activated)
Water / dustproof
Working temperature
Data synchronization
Haylou Fit
Sport modes
Jogging, fast walking, biking, climbing, running indoor, spinning, yoga, gym, free training, basketball, football and boating
English, Russian, Indonesian, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese,  Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean