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Haylou GT2S

TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds
Sound with No Boundary
  • Dual master earbuds
Haylou GT2S TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Master-slave switch
Stable Connection
Revealing lossless sound
Bringing wonderful music
Up to 12hr battery Life
Music Never Stop
During Your Tour
3.7g lightweight
Invisible wearing
Bluetooth 5.0
Low power consumption
and latency
Easy control
Pick Up to Use
Dual Master Earbuds
Mean Strong Performance
Anti-Jamming, Stable Connection
Two master earbuds mean easy, seamless switch between mono and stereo modes, getting connection more stable like ever. Pick up one to enter mono mode and pick up the other to enter the stereo mode.
Seamless switch among left, right and stereo modes
No dropouts
Fast reconnecting
Haylou GT2S Dual Master EarbudsHaylou GT2S Dual Master Earbuds
Revealing Lossless Sound
Thanks to Advanced Audio Coding(AAC) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Haylou GT2S reveals original sound details as a way to make calls like a face-to-face conversation. Combined with a polymer resin diaphragm, the built-in 7.2mm speaker delivers impressively balanced sound anywhere.

* AAC is only available on the smartphone supporting AAC profile
Haylou GT2S AAC+DSP Earbuds
Up to 12hr Battery Life
Music Never Stops During Your Tour
One top-up of the earbuds means 4 hours of playback. With the charging case, the total battery life of Haylou GT2S has been extended to 12 hours.
One top-up means 4hr playback
Total battery life reaches 12hr battery life
Haylou GT2S 12hr Battery Life
Pick Up to Use
Easy Control
Please pick them up from the charging case and let them do the rest job. Everything is smart and automatic. Simple to use, fast to connect.
Haylou GT2S Pick Up to Use Earbuds
Your Private Voice Assistant
Thanks to the cutting-edge voice assistant, Haylou GT2S can identify your order precisely. Just triple press to wake her up. The weather forecast, navigation, you name it, she will help you out!
Xiao Ai
Google Assistant
"Navigation to Baoan Airport"
"Hey, Siri! What's the weather like today?"
"Hey, Siri! Play my favorite music"
"XiaoAi, where is my cellphone?"
Haylou GT2S Earbuds Voice Assistant
Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset Securing Strong Performance
Compared with Bluetooth 4.2 chip, the up-to-date 5.0 chip offers a more stable connection with lower latency. The new chip features 2 times faster pairing, 4 times longer operation range, and 8 times larger signal broadcasting capacity than the ex-chip. With Haylou GT2S, you can enjoy lip-syncing streaming and cool gaming experience.
Haylou GT2S Bluetooth 5.0
3.7g Earbud Offering Invisible Wearing
Streamlined by Liesheng’s engineers, Haylou GT2S boasts a mini body that is stealth on your ear. 3.7g lightweight earbud is engineered to stay in place and stay comfortable.
3.7g lightweight
Ultra-compact body
Haylou GT2S 3.7g Earbud
Haylou GT2S Earbuds
Haylou GT2S Photo
Haylou GT2S Earbuds
Haylou GT2S Photo
Use Instruction
Haylou GT2S Use Instruction
Pick up to pair with each other.
Haylou GT2S Use Instruction
Auto-connect to phone.
Haylou GT2S Use Instruction
Push back to power off and get charged.
Haylou GT2S
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Bluetooth version
Operation range
10m (open space with no obstacle)
Charging time (earbuds)
Approx. 1.5hr
Charging time (charging case)
Approx. 3hr
Standby time
Approx. 100hr
Playing time
Approx. 4hr
Battery life (with charging case)
Approx. 12hr
Battery type
Battery capacity (single earbud)
Battery capacity (charging box)
Bluetooth profiles
Playback/Pause, Music control, Incoming call notice, Stereo talking, Noise isolation, Voice prompt
Package  Included
1 x Haylou GT2S TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box
3 x Pairs of eartips (L/M/S)
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual