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Haylou X1 Pro

Dual Noise Cancellation True Wireless Earbuds
Smart Dual Noise Cancellation
Just You and Your Music
  • -35dB Hybrid ANC
  • Three-mic Smart Noise Cancellation
  • Low Latency Mode
  • 40H Battery Life
Haylou X1 Pro Dual Noise Canceling True Wireless EarbudsHaylou X1 Pro Dual Noise Canceling TWS Earbuds
-35dB ANC
Haylou X1 Pro used for gaming
Low latency mode
Bluetooth 5.2 Art
Bluetooth 5.2
Haylou X1 Pro scheme
Three-mic smart call noise cancellation
AAC audio codec
Battery life
Haylou X1 Pro Earphone and charging case on the piano keys
Portable charging case & Ergonomic design
Haylou X1 Pro open case next to smartphone
One-key reset
Professional Noise Cancellation
Escape into Your Music
Haylou X1 Pro -35dB ANC
-35dB ANC
Stunning Listening Experience
Hybrid ANC technology is upgraded to accurately capture more noise and cancel it in reverse, achieving an ideal noise cancellation effect and allowing you to enjoy a world with less background noise.

Multiple Noise Cancellation Modes

Block out Background Noise
Press and hold the multi-function button to switch Haylou X1 Pro to noise cancellation mode. Choose from any mode you want and get the best hearing experience for every situation.
Noise cancellation mode
(station, subway, shopping mall)
Suitable for a noisy environment, effectively canceling noises.
Transparent mode
(meeting, conversation, running)
Enhance voice and ambient sound, staying alert to your surroundings.
Standard mode
(alone, reading)
Restore full sound quality, enjoying a moment of peace.
Haylou X1 Pro Big scheme
Feedback mic
Talk mic
Feed-forward mic

Three-mic Smart Noise Cancellation

Crisp and Clear Calls
Haylou X1 Pro has three microphones on each earbud. MICs, together with the call noise cancellation algorithm enabled through the neural network model, can effectively reduce noises and ensure clear call quality.
Feedback / Feed-forward mic + talk mic. Accurately pick up people's voices.
AI neural noise cancellation algorithm. Reversely reduce ambient background noises.
Crystal clear calls. Enjoy a free chat with your friend.
Professional Performance
Stand out in the Crowd

Upgraded Bluetooth 5.2

Fast and Stable Connection
Haylou X1 Pro has better performance, more stable connection, and lower power consumption with upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 chip and intelligent connection optimization for strong interference scenarios.
Bluetooth 5.2 Art
Haylou X1 Pro used for gaming

Low Latency Gaming Mode

Always be the MVP
Simultaneous transmission for both ears has effectively reduced sound delay. Triple tap the right earbud to enable gaming mode for smoother gaming and audiovisual experience.

Flagship Acoustic System

Finely and Professionally Tuned
A high-performance bio-diaphragm coil with professionally tuned acoustic curves brings you an excellent listening experience. Just enjoy the rich and pure sound.
Haylou X1 Pro Acoustic systems scheme
Photo of a man with Haylou X1 Pro earbuds

AAC HD Codec

Restore More Details
With a higher audio decoding rate, more beautiful music details are retained. Haylou X1 Pro is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.
High resolution
Sampling frequency 16bit/48kHz
High decoding rate
Less resource use when playing
High compatibility
Compatible with Android / iOS systems

40H Battery Life

Longer Music Journey
Battery life is extended. The music mode provides 9 hours of single playback, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted music journey. The charging case can charge the earbuds 3.5 times.
Earphones 9H
+ Charging case 31H
Earphones 5H
+ Charging case 17H
Photo of a man with Haylou X1 Pro near neon advertising
Professional Design
New Inspiration for Better Listening

Portable Charging Case

Ergonomic Design
The unique charging case can provide a convenient charging way with no strings attached. The ergonomic design makes the Haylou X1 Pro earbuds fit the inner contour of the ear perfectly.
Haylou X1 Pro Photo on piano keys

One-key Reset

Connect at an instant
Press and hold the charging case button to complete the reset, saving you the trouble of complex operations. Just press to complete the pairing.
Haylou X1 Pro open case next to smartphone
Photo of a woman wears Haylou X1 Pro earbuds

Smart Touch Control

Touch Control Operation
Just tap to realize various functions easily control Haylou X1 Pro without operating the phone.
Answer hang up
Tap either earbud
Play / Pause
Tap either earbud
Previous / Next song
Double-tap left/right earbud
Switch ANC mode
Press and hold for 4S
Enable low latency mode
Triple tap right earbud
Haylou X1 Pro earbud and case photo on a piano
Photo of an earphone Haylou X1 Pro in a case next to a smartphone
Art of an earphone Haylou X1 Pro in a case next to a smartphone
One open Haylou X1 Pro case and one Haylou X1 Pro closed case on a dark background


Product Name
Haylou X1 Pro
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Wireless connectivity
Bluetooth 5.2
Charging interface
Communication range
10m (open environment without obstacles)
Battery life
40 hours (with charging case, without ANC on)
Earbud battery capacity
Charging case capacity
Earbuds charging time
About 2 hours
Case charging time
About 3 hours
Supported protocols
Package Included
1 x Haylou X1 Pro TWS Bluetooth Earbud
1 x Charging Case
1 x Manual