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Over-ear Noise Canceling Headphones
Trendy Design with Incredible Sound
  • -42dB Deep Hybrid ANC
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Low Latency
  • Wired 0 Latency
Man and woman listening to Haylou S35 ANC headphonesMan and woman listening to Haylou S35 ANC headphones
Haylou S35 ANC three colors
Soundcore Life Q30
Product Name
Soundcore Life Q30
40mm Dynamic
40mm Dynamic
40mm Dynamic
Active Noise Cancellation
42dB Hybrid ANC with multiple modes
Hybrid ANC with multiple modes
38 dB Hybrid ANC with multiple modes
60H(ANC Off),
40H(ANC On)
60H(ANC Off),
40H(ANC On)
49H(ANC Off),
29H(ANC On)
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth 5.0
Single MIC call noise reducion
2 MICs
DNN (deep neural network) noise cancelation
Charging Port
Game Mode
Transparency Mode
Bluetooth Protocol
Audio Codec Format
3.5mm Jack
Dual Device Connection
Control Methods
Touch & Press buttons
Touch & Press buttons
Press buttons

Hi-Res Audio, Boosted Performance

42dB ANC
Block background noise
Haylou S35 ANC -42dB image
Convenient conversation
Free communication anytime
Man holding tablet and listening to Haylou S35 ANC headphones
Soft cushioned ear pads
Comfortable and pressure-free
Haylou S35 ANC ear pad
40mm dynamic driver
Hi-Res Audio, exceptional clarity
Customized APP
Customize personalized sound effects
Haylou S35 ANC next to smartphone
60-hour battery life
Immerse in your favorite music
Folded Haylou S35 ANC
Bluetooth 5.2
Low latency and more stable
Bluetooth 5.2 chip
HD voice calls
Enjoy crystal clear calls
Woman listening to music with Haylou S35 ANC headphones

Trendy Color Scheme

Soothe Your Restless Mind
Haylou S35 ANC combines "Very Peri" (Pantone's Color of the Year) and "Hermes Orange." The eye-catching "H" Logo and stylish design will make you stand out on any social occasion.
Woman walking and listening to music with Haylou S35 ANC headphones
Haylou S35 ANC 5 MICs

-42dB ANC

Block Background Noise
With hybrid ANC technology, the five microphones block noise up to 42dB. Three noise-cancellation modes offer a more comfortable noise-cancellation experience.

Nordic Style

Finnish Quality
The Finnish master design team interprets the trendy cultural elements with the Nordic minimalist design concept, providing the ultimate experience.
Off White
Violet Orange
Dark Blue
Violet Haylou S35 ANC headphones on a holder

Multiple noise cancellation modes

Man listening to Haylou S35 ANC headphones
Standard mode
Immerse yourself in learning and focus on yourself
Woman with backpack listening to Haylou S35 ANC headphones
Transparent mode
Be aware of your surroundings, transparent human voice
Woman with smartphone listening to Haylou S35 ANC headphones
Noise cancellation mode
Subway/ Airplane/Bus
Block out the hustle and bustle
Man holding tablet and listening to Haylou S35 ANC headphones

Free Communication & Clear Calls

Touch the Haylou S35 ANC's sensing area to weaken the music and filter in the ambient sound. Chat easily without taking off the headphones, and music will automatically resume after the chat. The headphones support Al call noise cancellation for crystal clear calls.
Haylou S35 ANC inside

Hi-Res Audio

Original and Pure SoundHaylou S35 ANC's 40mm dynamic driver brings true-to-life treble, mids, and bass rendering. You can even use them when they are out of power with the 3.5mm interface. Hi-Res Audio provides extraordinary clarity and detail.
Airtight ear pads
Reduce sound leakage and enhance low
40mm Hi-Fi dynamic driver
Wide sound field and rich sound details
High-elasticity composite diaphragm
Balanced treble, mids, and bass with extraordinary clarity

ANC Crystal Clear Calls

Haylou S35 ANC can pick up voice precisely, enabling ultra-clear call quality even in noisy environments like airports, subways, and offices.
Woman holding coffee mug and listening to music with Haylou S35 ANC headphones
Haylou S35 ANC in the suitcase

60-hour Extra-long Battery Life

Stay Immersed Longer
60-hour battery life enables full-featured all-day wireless playback. Get charged conveniently with a Type-C interface. The foldable design makes it easy to store and take anywhere.
with ANC off
with ANC on
*The battery life data comes from HAYLOU Lab. Playtime lasts for 60 hours at 50% volume with ANC off. The battery life will vary depending on volume, sound source, environmental interference, product features, and usage habits.

Soft Cushioned Ear Pads

Unprecedented Comfort
The soft, cushioned ear pads deliver maximum comfort and a secure seal around your ears. You can adjust the foldable ear cups and stretchy headband to find the perfect angle.
Haylou S35 ANC Soft memory foam ear pad
Soft memory foam
Light and soft without pressure on the ears. Skin-friendly leather is not easy to wrinkle.
Haylou S35 ANC headband
Comfortable headband
High-quality, metallic, and stretchable. Soft liner perfectly fits the shape of your head.
Folded Haylou S35 ANC
Adjustable ear pads
Swivel, folding design; supports more than 5000 times of folding; compact for portability.

Exclusive Customized APP

Care for Your Ears
Check the power of the Haylou S35 ANC headphones at any time, adjust the depth of noise cancellation, customize sound effects, and change the Bluetooth name with a customized APP. Match personal preferences and make listening more enjoyable.
Haylou S35 ANC next to smartphone
Man gaming and listening to Haylou S35 ANC headphones

Low Latency Mode

Smooth Gaming Experience
Enjoy a smooth gaming experience with Bluetooth 5.2 technology and a low-latency gaming mode. The wired mode can even achieve true zero lag.

Multi-point Connection

Both Work and Entertainment
Haylou S35 ANC supports the simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth devices, allowing you to enjoy work and entertainment simultaneously.
Haylou S35 ANC next to laptop

Tap to Activate Voice Assistant

Easy and Convenient Operation
Haylou S35 ANC buttons
Double-tap the control panel
Gaming mode.
Triple-tap the control panel
Voice assistant.
Tap the ANC button
Switch between noise cancellation modes.
Tap the volume button
Increase volume.
Press and hold the volume button
Decrease volume by two levels per second.
Tap the power-on button
Pause/play, answer/hang up.
Double tap the power-on button
Skip track forward.
Triple-tap the power-on button
Skip track forward.
Hold down for 2 seconds
Power on/power off.


Product name
Haylou S35 ANC Over-ear Noise Cancellation Headphones
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.2
Communication range
About 10 meters (without any obstacles)
Headphone charging time
About 2.5 hours
Headphone battery life
Approx. 60 hour ANC off, approx. 40 hour ANC on
Battery type
Polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity
Audio codec
Supported protocol