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Haylou GT3

TWS Bluetooth Earphones
Exceptional Accuracy
Superior Performance
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Master-slave switch
  • DSP noise reduction
  • 7.2mm polymer resin diaphragm
  • 28-hour long battery life
Haylou GT3 TWS Bluetooth EarphonesHaylou GT3 TWS Bluetooth Earphones

Truly Outstanding
Speak with Strength

Multi-core Strengths, Better Listening Experience
Advanced Bluetooth 5.0
Dual hosts transceiver
7.2mm dynamic coil unit
28-hour long battery life
DSP smart noise reduction
IPX4 waterproof
3.9g light-weight
Intelligent voice assistant

Newest Bluetooth 5.0
More Stable Connection

With the New-Gen Bluetooth 5.0 chip*, Haylou GT3 achieves a high balance of transmission efficiency and low power consumption and brings you a stable true wireless experience without tangling.
Low power consumption
Long battery life
Memory re-connection
Auto pairing
Smooth connection
10 meters transmission
Unlimited freedom
*Haylou GT3 adopts Realtek's low power consumption Bluetooth chip and has a more stable anti-interference performance.
Haylou GT3 Newest Bluetooth 5.0

TWS+Dual Masters
Say No to Restrictions

Equipped with TWS+ technology, Haylou GT3 realizes dual-channel transmission and reception of signals, seamless master-slave switch, and 3s fast connection. Freely flip between mono and stereo mode in a second.
Haylou GT3 TWS+Dual MastersHaylou GT3 TWS+Dual Masters

7.2mm Dynamic Coil Unit
Rich and Full Music Details

With a 7.2mm polymer resin diaphragm and high dynamic and sensitivity speaker, Haylou GT3 delivers superior Hi-Fi stereo sound across the entire frequency range. Just experience a brand new world of perfect music.
SBC audio decoding
Wide compatibility range
7.2mm polymer resin diaphragm
Improve cavity texture and effectively reduce distortion
High dynamic and sensitivity speaker
Professional live sound
Haylou GT3 7.2mm Dynamic Coil Unit

DSP Smart Noise Reduction
Crystal Clear Calls

Haylou GT3 has built-in DSP smart noise reduction technology to accurately capture human voices, significantly improving calls' quality. Enjoy clear calls even in a noisy environment.
Before Noise Reduction
After DSP Noise Reduction
Haylou GT3 DSP Smart Noise Reduction

Music Power Station
"Steward" of Electricity

With an equipped magnetic charging case, the earphones' total battery life can last up to 28 hours*; the user-friendly LED light shows the battery level at a glance.
3 lights on
Full battery
2 lights on
2/3 battery
1 light on and flashes intermittently
1/3 battery
*The data comes from Haylou Laboratory. The earphones can be used for about 4 hours, and a pocket-sized charging case extends playtime up to 28 hours. Please refer to actual use.
Haylou GT3 Magnetic charging case

Pressure-free Lightweight Design

Spoil Your Ears with Tenderness
Haylou GT3 Lightweight Design

As a Piece of A4 Paper

A single earphone weighs only 3.9g, as light as A4 paper, better releasing both ears' burden and protecting both ears.

*The above data is tested in Haylou Laboratory, 70g A4 pap weighs about 4.3g.
Haylou GT3 Light EarphoneHaylou GT3 Light Earphone

Secure Fit for Ears

The unique "swan neck" long handle design makes the earphone perfectly fit with the ear canal when worn. Stable and comfortable, reducing the sense of pressure.
Haylou GT3 Secure Fit for Ears

Customize Ear Tips

Choose from 3 sizes of skin-friendly silicone ear tips to meet the needs of the different ear canals for sealing and stability.
Haylou GT3 Customize Ear Tips

Smart Touch Control
All at Your Fingertips

Easily skip songs, pause/play music, answer calls, and activate voice assistant without ever touching your phone! By tapping on the high-precision touchpad, you have full control over your audio.
Hang up/answer
Tap any earphone 2 times to answer
Reject call
Long press any earphone for 1s
Play / pause
Tap any earphone once
Previous/next song switch
Tap left/right earphone twice
Summon voice assistant
Tap left earphone 3 times
Long press both earphones for 2s
Haylou GT3 Smart Touch Control

IPX4 Waterproof
Never Compromise to Sweat

Haylou GT3 has completed the IPX4* all-round splash and water resistance test with multiple rigorous procedures design. Enjoy the freedom of a long jog or bike ride in the rain without worry.

*It can provide splash water protection in any direction. Yet be aware not to wear in places such as rainstorms, bathing, etc.
Haylou GT3 IPX4 Waterproof

Lightly Tap 3 Times
Easily Activate Voice Assistant

Touch your left earphone 3 times to easily activate your voice assistant in 2s without ever touching your phone.
Hey, Siri! Help me open the telephone directory.
XiaoAi, how is the weather today?
XiaoAi, help me play "Dao Xiang.
Haylou GT3 Voice Assistant

Wide Compatibility
Both iOS and Android

Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, Windows computers, MacOS computers, tablets, etc. Compact body with broad compatibility.
Haylou GT3 Compatibility iOS and AndroidHaylou GT3 Compatibility iOS and Android


Haylou GT3 Photo
Haylou GT3 TWS Bluetooth Earphones
Haylou GT3 Photo


Haylou GT3
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Bluetooth version
Communication range
10 meters (without any obstacle)
Battery type
Polymer lithium battery
Earphone battery capacity
Charging case battery capacity
Charging interface
Charging time
About 2.5 hours (charging case)
Battery life
About 28 hours (with charging case)
Support protocol
Main functions
Music play/pause, previous/next song switch, incoming call reminder, answer/reject the call, binaural call, call noise reduction, voice assistant.
Package  Included
1 x Haylou GT3 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box
1 x Manual


Warm tips:

*For the technical parameters of Bluetooth 5.0, please refer to the official website of International Bluetooth Technology Alliance SIG, link www.bluetooth.com.

*The standard for calculating the duration of continuous use of earphones is: adjust the volume to 50% when fully charged and cycle the single song until it is automatically turned off. The actual use time is affected by the use of intensity and use environment.

*You need to open the lid to check battery level, and it will be displayed after the indicator light flashes 3 times.

*When the earphones are used for the first time, you need to tap the pair on the phone manually, and subsequent pairing does not require manual operation.

*The weight and battery life of the earphones are measured by Haylou Laboratory. There may be slight floating errors, subject to the actual situation.

*To use the voice assistant, you need to activate the QuickStart feature on your phone.

*The earphones waterproof ability may be reduced due to daily wear and tear. Please prevent damage caused by intrusion and soaking of a large amount of liquid.