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  • 1.96" AMOLED Curved Screen
  • Comprehensive health management
  • Spin Button
  • Bluetooth phone call
  • 100+ Workout Modes
  • 100+ Watch Faces
Haylou Watch S8Haylou Watch S8
1.96" AMOLED Curved Screen
Spin Button
Comprehensive health management
100+ Workout Modes
Bluetooth phone call
100+ Watch Faces
Battery life
Up to 8 days
Daily use
Up to 20 days
Basic standby
AI Voice
Bluetooth 5.3
Waterproof 30m

1.96" AMOLED Curved Screen

Colorful and Clear, Bring You Wider Vision
The Haylou Watch S8 features a 1.96-inch AMOLED curved screen that provides a vivid and expansive viewing experience with its high resolution of 410 by 502 pixels. The display is not only colorful and clear but also designed to deliver a broader vision that enhances user interaction.
Haylou Watch S8 AMOLED Curved display
Haylou Watch S8 Bluetooth 5.3 Chip

Upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 Chip

2-in-l Dual Chip, more stabling in calls
Equipped with an upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 chip, the Haylou Watch S8 ensures more stable connectivity, especially during calls, thanks to its advanced 2-in-1 dual-chip design.

Spin Button

Spin the button for more fun
The Haylou Watch S8 enhances navigation through its innovative spin button feature, allowing users to scroll through various menus with ease and switch between functions with a simple twist.
Haylou Watch S8 Spin button
Haylou Watch S8 Bluetooth call screen

Bluetooth Phone Call

Don't miss a single call
The Haylou Watch S8's Bluetooth phone call feature ensures you never miss a call, allowing you to answer directly from your wrist with a touch of convenience.
Bluetooth call
High-definition original sound
Key dialing
Synchronized address book

AI Voice Assistant

Wake up your smart voice assistant anytime
The Haylou Watch S8 integrates an AI Voice Assistant ready on command, enabling you to wake up your smart companion anytime for hands-free assistance.

*The voice assistant function requires pairing a smartphone with voice assistant capabilities via Bluetooth.
Haylou Watch S8 AI Voice assistant screen

100+ Workout Modes

A Trusted Fitness Partner
The Haylou Watch S8 is your committed fitness ally, equipped with a high-efficiency motion sensor that supports over 100 workout modes, enabling it to capture real-time exercise data and assist you in monitoring and enhancing your sports performance.
Haylou Watch S8 on a tennis player's hand

100+ Watch Faces

Match Your Watch to Every Occasion
The Haylou Watch S8 offers an extensive collection of over 100 watch faces available through the app, featuring a variety of themes that cater to your style and preferences, ensuring your watch is always in sync with your mood and attire.
Cloud watch face download
Customize watch faces
Haylou Watch S8 Three watch facesHaylou Watch S8 Many watch faces

24/7 Health Management

Multi-Dimensional Health Management
With the Haylou Watch S8, you gain a 24/7 health management companion, continuously monitoring your vital signs and providing insights to keep you informed and in control of your health at all times.
Haylou Watch S8 Heart rate monitoring screen
Heart rate monitoring
Sleep quality monitoring
Haylou Watch S8 Sleep quality monitoring screen
Haylou Watch S8 Blood pressure monitoring screen
Blood pressure monitoring
Blood oxygen monitoring
Haylou Watch S8 Blood oxygen monitoring screen
* Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not fordiagnosis or treatment.

More Practical Functions

Live a Limitless Lifestyle
The Haylou Watch S8 is designed to complement a limitless lifestyle, packed with practical functions that cater to every aspect of your daily routine, from morning alarms to evening relaxation.
Haylou Watch S8 Many screens

Hugely Powerful

No More Battery Anxiety
The Haylou Watch S8 boasts a hugely powerful battery life, banishing the worry of frequent charging and keeping you connected and active for longer.
Up to 8 days
Daily use
Up to 20 days
Basic standby
Haylou Watch S8 Charging screen
Haylou Watch S8 Reminder screen

Smart reminder

A Good Partner for Work and Life
With the smart reminder feature of the Haylou Watch S8, you'll have a personal assistant on your wrist, ensuring you never miss a beat whether you're in the boardroom or out on the town.

Product Parameters

Haylou Watch S8 Size
Product model
Haylou Watch S8
Display type
Display size
Display resolution
410*502 pixels
Touch screen
Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth 5.3
Battery capacity
Battery life
About 8 days (24/7 heart rate monitoring)
Up to 20 days
Charging time
3 Hours
22mm Durable and comfortable silicone strap
Product size
Product weight
58.5g with the wristband
Operation temperature
Water resistance
APP name
Haylou Watch
What's in the box
Smartwatch Haylou Watch S8, standard strap, charging cable, instruction manual


Haylou Watch S8 Black
Haylou Watch S8 Silver