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Haylou Watch R8


Sport Smart Watch
  • 1.43" AMOLED HD Display
  • Military-Grade Toughness
  • Upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 Chip
  • 100+ Sports Modes
  • 150+ Watch Faces
  • 24/7 Health Management
  • 20 Days of Battery Life
  • Wireless Charging
  • Voice Assistant
  • Bluetooth Call
Haylou Watch R8

Interpret various styles

The Haylou Watch R8 smartwatch seamlessly adapts to every facet of your lifestyle, whether navigating the urban jungle on your daily commute, tracking your fitness goals in the city, or embracing the rugged trails during an outdoor camping or hiking expedition. Its sleek design and versatile features make it the perfect companion for those who thrive in the city's hustle and the outdoors' serenity.
Haylou Watch R8 on a driver's wrist
Daily Commute
Haylou Watch R8 on an athlete's wrist
Urban Fitness
Haylou Watch R8 on an tourist's wrist
Outdoor Camping
Haylou Watch R8 on an tripper's wrist
Hiking Expedition

Bigger Display, Clearer View

Anti-sediment Design: Strong and durable
Experience a world of vibrant colors and sharp details on the Haylou Watch R8's 1.43" AMOLED HD screen, boasting a resolution of 466*466 DPI. The 60Hz high refresh rate ensures smooth transitions and a responsive interface, while the anti-sediment design adds a layer of durability, making it robust for everyday wear.
1.43" AMOLED HD Screen
60Hz High Refresh Rate
466*466 DPI
Haylou Watch R8 on a stone background

Upgrade Bluetooth 5.3 Chip

2-in-1 Dual Chip, more stabling in calls
Step into a new era of connectivity with the upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 chip in the Haylou Watch R8 smartwatch. The innovative 2-in-1 dual-chip technology ensures a more stable connection during calls and enhances overall performance for seamless interaction between your smartwatch and other devices.
Haylou Watch R8 Bluetooth 5.3

Ready for More Complex Environments

The Haylou Watch R8 smartwatch is your resilient companion for adventures in harsh conditions, with a remarkable resistance to heat up to 55°C and cold down to -40°C. Its 3ATM waterproof rating, 95% humidity-resistance, shock-resistance, and ice & freezing resistance ensure reliable performance whether diving into aquatic endeavors or traversing icy terrains.
Ice & freezing resistance
* The data comes from Haylou Laboratory, and the actual use may differ slightly depending on the specific scenario.
Haylou Watch R8 on a man's wrist
Haylou Watch R8 on a runner's wrist

Sports Modes

Embrace a dynamic lifestyle with over 100 sports modes featured in the Haylou Watch R8 smartwatch, meticulously designed to track and analyze every move you make. Whether you're engaged in indoor activities, outdoor adventures, or gym exercises, this smartwatch captures your performance metrics to help you fine-tune your regimen and achieve your fitness aspirations.
Check Your Every Move
Indoor Activities
Outdoor Activities
GYM Exercises

Online Watch Faces

Customize unique style
Showcase your unique style with the Haylou Watch R8 smartwatch by diving into a vast selection of over 150 online watch faces available for download from the cloud. The Always-on Display feature keeps your chosen design visible at all times. At the same time, the customization options allow you to tailor the watch faces, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and personal flair on your wrist.
Cloud watch face download
Customize Watch Faces
Haylou Watch R8 Many watch faces

Protect Your Health and Keep Fit

HAYLOU Proprietary Algorithm
Haylou Watch R8 Use for many purposes
With the Haylou Watch R8 smartwatch, take a proactive approach to your wellness by utilizing its proprietary algorithm, which accurately monitors your heart rate, SpO2 levels, and pressure. The meticulous sleep tracking feature further enriches your health insights, aiding you in optimizing your fitness routine and achieving a balanced lifestyle.
Heart Rate Monitoring
SpO2 Tracking
Pressure Monitoring
Sleep Monitoring

Wireless Charging Without Restraint

Enjoy the liberation of wireless charging with the Haylou Watch R8 smartwatch, designed for a lifestyle on the go. With up to 7 days of battery life under typical usage and an astounding 20 days in basic usage mode, staying connected and tracking your health and fitness goals has never been more convenient.
7 days
Typical usage
20 days
Basic usage
* The data comes from Haylou Laboratory, and the actual use may differ slightly depending on the specific scenario.
Haylou Watch R8 Charging screen

A Good Partner in Life

Effortlessly manage calls with the Haylou Watch R8 smartwatch's Bluetooth Call feature. The integrated Voice Assistant further streamlines your day, offering quick access to information and smart home controls, embodying a reliable daily-life partner.
Haylou Watch R8 with many  icons
Haylou Watch R8 Bluetooth call screen
Bluetooth Call
Using voice assistant on the Haylou Watch R8
Voice Assistant

Product Parameters

Haylou Watch R8 Size chart
Product model
Haylou Watch R8
Strap width
85g with strap
1.43" AMOLED display
Bluetooth 5.3


Haylou Watch R8 Black
Haylou Watch R8 White