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Haylou RS3

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  • SpO2 tracking
  • AMOLED HD display
  • Customized watch face
  • 5 ATM waterproof
  • GPS satellite positioning
Haylou RS3 SmartwatchHaylou RS3 LS04 Smartwatch

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Haylou RS3 AMOLED HD display
AMOLED HD display
Haylou RS3 GPS satellite positioning
GPS satellite positioning
SpO2 tracking
Heart rate monitoring
Sleep monitoring
Customized watch face
14 workout modes
Haylou RS3 5 ATM Water-resistance
5 ATM Water-resistance
Haylou RS3 21 days battery life
21 days battery life

Bauhaus Style Design

Haylou RS3 adopts an AMOLED display and aluminum alloy frame with a simple and elegant Bauhaus design, perfectly combining aesthetics and technology.
Haylou RS3 Style Design
Two buttons
alloy frame
HD display
Haylou RS3 Customized Watch Face

Customized Watch Face

Haylou RS3 supports customized watch face function. Watch faces are updated continuously to satisfy your ever-changing style.
Built-in watch faces
APP watch faces updated continuously
Customized watch faces

SpO2 Tracking

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is an essential physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle of the human body. Check your body at any time.
Haylou RS3 SpO2 Tracking

Who should pay attention to SpO2?

White-collars/ students
Get timely reminders for incoming calls, messages, emails, and social apps.
Sports enthusiasts
Strenuous exercise or excessive exercise can easily cause insufficient oxygen supply in the body.
People who snore
Long-term snoring may cause apnea and decreasing blood oxygen, affecting sleep quality.
*Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnosis and treatment.

24 Hours Health Monitoring

Keep track of your physical condition 24 hours with an upgraded optical heart rate sensor and intelligent health algorithm.
Heart rate monitoring
Sleep monitoring
Sedentary reminder
Breathing exercises
Set goals every day
* Heart rate monitoring: 24 hours heart rate monitoring. You can view recent heart rate data through a mobile APP.
* Sleep monitoring: Automatically monitor sleep status, record sleep heart rate, analyze sleep stage and time. Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnosis and treatment.
* Sedentary reminder: Remind you to rest in time when maintaining a sedentary state for working or studying.
* Breathing exercises: Perform guided breathing exercises at a set rhythm to relax in time.
* Set goals every day: Complete three small steps, distance, and calories burnt every day to keep your body active!
Haylou RS3 24 Hours Health Monitoring

Precise Sony GPS

Sony low-power GPS module can accurately locate movement track, and the GPS can work continuously for 21 hours.
Haylou RS3 High precision Sony GPS track
High precision
Sony GPS track
Haylou RS3 Low precision GPS track
Low precision
GPS track
Haylou RS3 Precise Sony GPS

14 Workout Modes

Haylou RS3 features 14 workout modes and provides professional exercise reports like a personal trainer, making for more efficient exercise.
Fast walking
Indoor running
Integrated training
Swimming pool
Open water swimming

Outdoor exercise

Jogging, Fast walking, Biking, Climbing:

Average pace / exercise heart rate / exercise track / calories burnt.

Indoor exercise

Spinning, Yoga, Indoor running, Integrated training, Gymnastics, Basketball, Football, Rowing:

Exercise time / exercise heart rate / calories burnt.


Open water swimming, Swimming pool:

Distance / main swimming style / swolf / average pace / stroke times / stroke frequency / calories burnt.
Average pace
Swimming styles
*Applicable to pool swimming
* The lower the value, the higher the efficiency.
Haylou RS3 Underwater calories burnt
Underwater calories burnt

5 ATM Water-resistance

Haylou RS3 is rated waterproof to 5 ATM with a metal frame and integral molding back shell design.

*5 ATM water resistance. It can withstand a pressure of 50 meters deep of still water for 10 minutes under a typical temperature environment.
Haylou RS3 5 ATM Water-resistance
Photo of a woman with the Haylou RS3 on her hand

21 Days Battery Life

High-performance lithium battery. Basic battery life mode can last for 21 days on a single charge, no need to carry a charger for travel.
Daily use mode
Basic use mode
GPS keeps working
* Daily use mode: Turn on heart rate monitoring; sleep monitoring; message reminder; GPS for exercise; call reminders twice a day; message reminders 8 times a day; wrist-lift 150 times a day; training twice a week; run for 30 minutes each time GPS is turned on.

* Basic use mode: Default watch face; sleep monitoring; turn off phone Bluetooth connection, continuous heart rate monitoring, and other functions.

* GPS keeps working: Turn on GPS to record exercise track; turn on heart rate monitoring.

Real-Time Reminder

Connect mobile phone via Bluetooth. Instantly view calls, texts, and app notifications.
Haylou RS3 Real-Time Reminder

Convenient Life Functions

Haylou RS3 Weather forecast
Weather forecast
Sync with the mobile phone weather forecast. Check weather conditions for the last three days.
Haylou RS3 Music control
Music control
Connect to the mobile phone. Control music with the watch: play/pause, previous/next track, etc.
Haylou RS3 Find phone
Find phone
Easily find your phone with the prompt tone responding from the phone.


Haylou RS3 Size
Product name
Haylou RS3
Product model
Haylou LS04
Body size
50.5 x 43.4 x 12.5mm
Strap width
Watch weight
46g with strap
Display screen
1.2" AMOLED display
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth V5.0
Low-power dynamic optical heart rate sensor, acceleration sensor, Sony GPS
Battery capacity
Battery life
About 12 days (24 hours heart rate monitoring)
System requirement
Android 6.0 and above; iOS 11.0 and above (supported functions will vary from different watches, mobile phones, and countries)
Waterproof grade
Working temperature
Synchronous data platform
Haylou Fun
Sport modes
Jogging, Fast walking, Biking, Climbing, Spinning, Yoga, Indoor running, Integrated training, Gymnastics, Basketball, Football, Rowing, Open water swimming, Swimming pool.