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Haylou T15

Hardcore Chipset Offering Various Functions
Falcon-style body
Haylou T15 Falcon
Haylou T15 Falcon Earbuds
Technical Art on Your Ears
An Inviting Toy on Your Hand
Inspired by a falcon, we give you Haylou T15 Falcon flies Free on sky pursuing Speed. These are two core features Haylou T15 is chasing after Smart aesthetic and streamlined design represent sophisticated craftwork. Put it on and fly in the world of music. Be prominent as well as different.
Bluetooth 5.0
Fast & Stable
Master-slave switch
No dropouts in stereo mode
Up to 60hr battery life
2200mAh charging case
3.7g falcon-style body
Stable & comfortable wearing
Carry case is your extra  power bank
Reverse Charge Phone
Battery level display
Remaining battery is under control
Smart touch control
Easy and convenient
Protects earbuds from sweat and rain
Pick up to connect
Pull back to disconnect and stay charged
Fast, Accurate and Well-performed Gaming Control
Only with Bluetooth 5.0
No dropouts at all in the key moments. Compared with last gen. chipset, the new Bluetooth 5.0 is compatible with more devices. With the cutting-edge chipset, you will gain a double faster connection with 8 times broadcast information capacity than the old one does.

Thanks to the black magic of master-slave switch, you will enjoy seamless switch among left, right and stereo mode.
Anti-interference capacity
2 folds improvement in
60% reduction in
Haylou T15 Falcon Bluetooth 5.0
Haylou T15 Falcon Seamless Switch & No Dropout
Either Earbud Serving as Master
Seamless Switch & No Dropout
Haylou T15 really makes the master-slave switch easy and clean and eliminates dropouts. Two independent chipsets have been built in two earbuds allowing them to connect to the device directly. Now everything is fast and natural.
Seamless switch among left, right and stereo mode
No dropouts
Fast reconnecting
Pick Up to Use
Gamers Never Wait
Clean control, fast connection. Pick Haylou T15 up from charging case and let them do the rest job.
Pick up to connect
Pull back to disconnect and stay charged
Haylou T15 Falcon Pick Up to Use
Haylou T15 Falcon Fast Response Gaming Mode
With Zero Latency and Triple Fast Response Gaming Mode
Falcon is Unstoppable
Do you want to surprise your pals? Just try it! With the triple fast response gaming mode, you can catch every shot and step with no delay. Beat them in your game as fast as you can.
A Record 60 Hours of Battery Life
A Real 2200mAh of Battery Capacity
Coupled with 2200mAh carry case, the Bluetooth BLE 5.0 chipset delivers over 60 hours of playback. It just covers your whole week’s demands for music and drama. It is releasing energy to play!
2 hours of music per day can last up to 1 month
900 tracks
30 films
60 hours of gaming
102 episodes of the drama
Haylou T15 Falcon 2200mAh Battery Capacity
Haylou T15 Falcon Carry Case Reverse Charge Phone
Carry Case is Your Extra Power Bank
Reverse Charge Phone
Carry case can reverse charge your smartphone. The built-in battery can not only power up earbuds but reverse charge other devices via USB cable. Stay powerful anywhere.
Haylou T15 Falcon Smart Battery Level Display
Smart Battery Level Display
Remaining Battery Must be Under Control
Embedded Hall magnetic sensor makes Haylou T15 more cost-effective and convenient to use. Open the case, and you will see the remaining battery via LEDs. Get started to play without worry about power.
3 LEDs flowing
Full battery
2 LEDs flowing
2/3 battery remaining
1 LEDs flowing
1 /3 battery remaining
1 LED blinking
Low battery
Battery Level Display.
Haylou T15 Falcon Smart touch control
Smart touch control
Just Tap Multi-functional Button
Given the susceptible sensor, Haylou T15 allows you to slightly tap the MFB to reach various functions including answer/end call, playing, skip a track. Just tap the button to get what you want. Get less pressure from an operation; take more care of your ears.
Answer/end call
Ignore cal
Keep touching for 1s
Skip track forward/backwards
Double-tap left/ right earbud
Voice assistant
Triple tap left earbud
Gaming mode(on/off)
Triple tap right earbud
3.7g Mini Body & Falcon Structure
It just Couldn’t be Smaller and More Comfortable
Inspired by a falcon, we create such a structure resembling the little creature. In this structure, you can always find balance from every angle. Choose your favourite eartips and earbuds will be kept in place when you are not. 3.7g mini body offers invisible wearing experience!
Lightweight & mini
Stable wearing
Comfortable for a whole day
Haylou T15 3.7g Mini Body Falcon Structure
Haylou T15 Falcon Bio-diaphragm
Advanced Audio Coding & Bio-diaphragm
Giving Music a Boost
Thanks to AAC and 6mm Bio-diaphragm, Haylou T15 provides HiFi stereo with punchy bass, clear highs and detailed vocals. It fills your demands for every genre of music.
Thanks to AAC technology, up to 48 soundtracks and 15 bass tracks are supported while more sampling rate and higher error-tolerant rate for decoding are available.
6mm bio-diaphragm
6mm bio-diaphragm is thin and flexible in delivering layered sound stages.
DSP Smart Noise Isolation
Crystal-clear Talking Like Face to Face
According to acoustic theory and DSP technology, Haylou T15 can block ambient and cable noise. Keep noise away and only let the music in. Crystal-clear talking anywhere.
Haylou T15 Falcon DSP Smart Noise Isolation
Haylou T15 Falcon IPX5 Waterproof
IPX5 Waterproof
Protecting earbuds from sweat and rain
Thanks to IPX5 industrial waterproof, you can use the earbuds anywhere.
Need Help?
Just Call Smart Assistant
Whenever you need help, just triple tap left earbud to summon voice assistant without taking up your phone.
Xiao Ai
Google Assistant
"Xiao Ai. Play me Ed Sheeran."
"Hi, Siri. Wake me up at 7:00"
"Hi, Siri. Call Jack."
"Xiao Ai. Get res."
Haylou T15 Falcon Voice assistant
Haylou T15 Falcon
Haylou T15 Falcon Comfortable wearing
Haylou T15 Falcon Stable wearing
Haylou T15 Falcon 2200mAh Charging case
Haylou T15
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
21.9 x 21.6 x 17.8 mm
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth profiles
Operation range
10m (open space with no obstacle)
Battery Capacity
Charging box: 2200mAh, 3.7V
Earphone: 43mAh, 3.7V
Charging time
1.5 hours for earphone
4 hours for charging box
Battery life
Approx. 60hr (with charging case)
Battery type
Pairing name
Haylou T15
Battery level display
iOS/Android 4.0 and above
Package  Included:
1 x Haylou T15 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x English Manual
1. For parameters of Bluetooth 5.0, please refer Bluetooth SIG's official site: www.bluetooth.com
2. Please manually pair this item with your smartphone for first-time use. It will auto-reconnect to your phone in connectivity records if any.
3. Ultra-low latency gaming mode on. Triple tap right earbud.
Gaming mode will increase power consumption and reduce operation range. We do suggest you turn off the mode when not gaming.
Activating voice chat in gaming may result in a reduction of background sound quality, which cannot be fixed due to the limit of current Bluetooth technology.
Due to the limit of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth earbuds suffer lag. Yet Airpods fix the issue through the integration of software and hardware. However, both Android and iOS systems at a budget price.
For any pairing device with Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, lag will be reduced largely. Otherwise, lag will remain, and signals will get weaker.
4. We measure the playback time in the following way. Fully charge Haylou T15 then keep playing music at 50% volume until it powers off. Practical playback time may vary from using situations.
5. Movie's length is recorded as 2 hours; one episode of drama 35 minutes; one track 4 minutes.
6. Please open carry case to check the battery level. LEDs will blink 3 times then indicate practical battery level. LEDs will only glow solid for 30s to indicate battery level.
7. Earbud weight is measured by Liesheng Electronic Lab and may be a litter bit different from practical weight.
8. A few Android phones do not support AAC.
9. Please activate quick start before waking up the voice assistant.