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Haylou X1

Dual Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds
Smart Dual Noise Cancellation
Rich and Pure Sound
  • -35dB Hybrid ANC
  • Six-mic Smart Noise Cancellation
  • Low Latency Mode
  • 30H Battery Life
Haylou X1 Dual Noise Canceling True Wireless EarbudsHaylou X1 Dual Noise Canceling TWS Earbuds

Flagship Dual Noise Cancellation

Immersive Listening Experience
-35dB ANC
Haylou X1 -35dB ANC
Six-mic smart call noise cancellation
Haylou X1 Scheme
Bluetooth 5.2
Low latency mode
30H battery life
Woman wears Haylou X1
AAC audio codec
Haylou X1 AAC audio codec
Ergonomic design
Haylou X1 Earbuds ergonomic design
Wireless charging
Haylou X1 on wireless charger
Art with Haylou X1

-35dB ANC

Haylou X1 with hybrid ANC technology accurately captures noise and cancels it in reverse. Noise cancellation depth is up to -35dB, allowing you to enjoy a world with less background noise.

Multiple noise cancellation modes

Noise cancellation mode
Station, Subway, Shopping mall
Suitable for noisy environment effectively canceling noises.
Old man wears Haylou X1
Man wears Haylou X1
Transparent mode
Meeting, Conversation, Running
Enhance human voice and ambient sound, having a relaxed conversation with your earbuds on.
Standard mode
Alone, Reading
Restore full sound quality, enjoying your private time.
A man reads a book and listens to music in Haylou X1

Six-mic Call Noise Cancellation

Three microphones on each Haylou X1 earbud, together with the call noise cancellation algorithm enabled through the neural network model, can effectively reduce noises and ensure clear call quality.
Feedback/Feed-forward mic + talk mic. Accurately pick up people's voices.
AI neural noise cancellation algorithm. Reversely reduce ambient background noises.
Crystal clear calls. Enjoy a free chat with your friend.
Haylou X1 Big scheme
Feedback mic
Talk mic
Feed-forward mic
Haylou X1 Photo of a man with an earbud

Flagship Acoustic System

A high-performance bio-diaphragm coil with professionally tuned acoustic curves brings you an excellent listening experience. Just enjoy the rich and pure sound.
Haylou X1 Diagram
Pass through
Ambient noises

AAC Audio Codec

With a higher audio decoding rate, more beautiful music details are retained. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.
High resolution Sampling frequency 16bit/48kHz
High decoding rate Less resource use when playing
High compatibility Compatible with Android / iOS systems
Haylou X1 with color diagram
Haylou X1 New Bluetooth 5.2 chip

New Bluetooth 5.2 + Dual Masters

Haylou X1 is equipped with a new Bluetooth 5.2 chip, intelligent optimization of the connection for strong interference scenarios, faster transmission, lower latency, and longer battery life.

Low Latency Gaming Mode

Simultaneous transmission for both ears has effectively reduced sound delay. Triple tap the right earbud to enable gaming mode for smoother gaming and audiovisual experience.
Haylou X1 next to smartphone
A woman wears Haylou X1 on the street

30H Battery Life

The music mode provides about 30 hours of playback, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted music journey. With a power indicator, you can keep track of the charging case's remaining power at any time.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design fits the ear canal snugly for more and stability, giving you a customized and comfortable wearing experience.
Haylou X1 Earbuds with charging box
Haylou X1 in charging box on wireless charger

Wireless Charging

Haylou X1 supports wireless charging. Just put it down and let it power up. You can also charge it with your phone or tablet. Never worry about power problems wherever you go.
Wireless charging
Type-C Charging interface

Touch Control Operation

Just tap to realize various functions, making operation more simple and convenient.
Woman turns on Haylou X1


Product Name
Haylou X1
Wearing Type
In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Wireless connectivity
Bluetooth 5.2
Charging interface
10m (unobstructed open environment)
Battery life
Approx. 30 hours (with charging case, without ANC on)
Headset battery capacity
Charging case capacity
Charging time of the headset
About 2 hours
Charging time of the charging box
About 3 hours
Support protocol
Package Included
1 x Haylou X1 TWS Bluetooth Earbud
1 x Charging Box
1 x Manual