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Haylou LS01

Being Young With Sport
  • 9 sport modes
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep management
  • Pedometer
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch
9 Sport Modes
Keep You Moving Forward
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch can record your daily steps, a distance of activity, and consumed calories. Like your personal coach, it prepares up to 9 sport modes and records your workout to give you scientific advice.
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor
Whole Days Heart Rate Monitor
Your Life is Not Just Sport.
Thanks to the high-performance heart rate sensor, Haylou LS01 can record your every heartbeat precisely 24 hours by intelligent algorithms.
Managing Your Sleep at Night
The watch is like a loyal maid. She monitors your whole night sleep and records deep sleep, light sleep, and awake states, respectively, as a way to help you adjust your rest.

* The above data and results are for reference only. Please do not take them for any diagnosis or medical treatment.
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch Sleep management
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch Smart notice
Smart notice during working
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch is your friend and family. She cares about everything about you. She sends you to notice for calls or messages. Simply raise your wrist to review. Too busy to remember workout? She will warmly remind you on your feet and to do some exercises.
Silent alarm
Call alert
Message alert
14 Days Battery Life
Keeping Moving Forward
As an offspring of Haylou LS01, the watch does inherit its gene of ultra-long battery life. Embedded 210mAh battery means a 14 days battery life.

*The above data are measured by Liesheng Electronic Lab, yet practical using time varies among setting, operation, and using environment.
14 days of battery life
Сalculated by jogging 30min, 10 times of message notices and reviewing watch 150 times every day
10 days of battery life
24 hours of heart rate monitor
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch 14 Days Battery Life
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch IP68 Water and Dust Proof
IP68 Water and Dust Proof
Thanks to IP68 water and dustproof, you can wear it when washing hands or rainy days.

* It's available for showering or swimming, but do not wear it for diving or sauna. Please dry the product before any further operation once getting wet.
Seeing Detailed Picture with the Screen
1.3 inches highly bright WCG screen enables a better picture in definition, color saturation, and contrast. Even under sunlight, it displays details of color.

* The size of the screen equals the length of the diagonal line of the screen.
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch 1.3 inches highly bright WCG screen
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch 34g Lightweight
34g Lightweight Body Offering Comfortable Wearing
Designers have applied outstanding craftwork on the watch as a way to build such exquisite products weighing 34g only. With sleek, soft TPU wristband, the watch delivers a comfortable and lightweight wearing experience.

* The above data are measured by Liesheng Electronic Lab and may have a little bit error.
Haylou Customized App
Coupled with the customized app Haylou Sport, the watch can not only recognize various workout data precisely but enjoy numbers of functions. The app is easy and convenient to access. The rich and colorful sports world is waiting for you to explore.

* Parts of functions of the product need to be used through Haylou Sport.
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch Haylou Customized App
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch Photo
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch Photo
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch Black White
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch
Haylou LS01 Smart Watch Size
Haylou LS01
Product type
Haylou Smart Watch
Black, Silver
40.9 x 35.7 x 11.6mm
Wristband Width
1.3 inches TFT LCD screen
240 x 240
Bluetooth version
Dynamic optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer
Battery capacity
Android 4.4 or above; IOS 8.8 or above (Available functions may vary among watch version, cellphone, and country)
Battery life
14 days
Water / dustproof
Operation temperature
Data synchronization
Haylou Sport
Sport modes
Walking, jogging, hiking, biking, treadmill, workout, climbing, spinning, yoga